• Property Shoot

    HawaiChitra Aerial Photography and Video service can create quality aerial stills and videos to market your next property. Whether you're after aerial stills to show a property's location or require a complete video marketing solution to showcase the interior and exterior of the property.

    Experienced in video production and have our own production facilities allows HawaiChitra to produce a high quality and creative product with quick turn around times so you can get that property on the market sooner.

    HawaiChitra also provides services to:-

                                - Architects
                                - Engineers
                                - Project Managers
                                - Builders

    Contact us to discuss your next project - hi@hawaichitra.in
  • Flying is not just our job, it’s our passion. As keen photographers/videographers we take to the sky as often as possible trying to capture that perfect shot. As such we have countless hours of flight time under our belts. We like to have a friendly, relaxed rapport with our clients, taking the time to learn what they need, in order to make the most of every flight. Whether it be selling a house, promoting an event or capturing lasting memories at a wedding you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.


    Pune, Maharashtra, India




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    We at "HawaiChitra" offer freelance #Aerial photography/Cinematography services using state of the art equipments, for businesses.